Jay is the owner and proprietor of Jay's Movie Database, the J in JMDb. He's the chief critic, and the glue that holds it all together. Although he lives in a town with only one movie theater, Malibu, he still manages to view movies at a rate of 174 times the national average.

Elle Magazine once described Jay as having "rock-star good looks." While Jay thinks this is nice, he personally wishes that Elle would have concentrated on some of his more important accomplishments, like the time he once watched four movies simultaneously while at the Burlingame Drive-In.

You can learn more about Jay here or email him at jay@ucla.edu

Kevin is the only serious threat to Jay's dominance as King Critic. If the JMDb were a boy band he'd be the bad boy. He never smiles in photos, but only because he's constantly thinking about how he can see more movies.

Kevin was the logistics man behind Kevin & Jay's famed and unmatched 1993 feat of the four-movie four-theater day. Using the map of Manhattan as a chessboard (see Knight Moves (1992)), Kevin artfully aligned the now-famous path of movie theaters and subway platforms that culminated with the triumphant viewing of Fortress at the Waverly.

Kevin is very good at keeping secrets.

You can learn more about Kevin here or email him at cookieboy@gmail.com

True to her English accent and impeccable manners, Julia touts a JMDb MIQ (Merchant/Ivory Quotient) in the high eights. Comparatively, the less graceful and unsmartly-dressed Kevin rates a shade under 4.9. Being a woman of contradictions, she is also drawn to all things Tom. (Cruise, that is.) Yes, even Minority Report got an 8.9.

Being a woman and a foreign national notwithstanding, Julia has done quite well in the boys' club that is the JMDb, mostly due to her considerable charm and her love of fine tequila.

You can learn more about Julia here or email her at jcsv@ucla.edu

Alon is the the Ringo Starr of the JMDb. He gets no respect, but John Lennon once described Alon as "The heart of the Beatles."

He puts the Db in JMDb.

Alon is excited to be a part of the JMDb, but the truth is that movies are mostly just a popcorn delivery system for him.

You can learn more about Alon here or email him at alonziv@yahoo.com